Brother of Medan crash victim died in similar accident 24 years ago

The brother of an Air Force member who was killed when the Hercules C-130 plane crashed into Medan also died in a similar accident involving the same type of aircraft 24 years ago. 

Second Corporal Saryanto, 38, was among 142 people who were killed Tuesday when the transport plane ploughed into houses and shops minutes after take-off.

His brother, Second Sergeant Sudiyono, died along with 134 others when another Hercules C-130 crashed into a neighbourhood in Condet, East Jakarta, shortly after take-off on October 5, 1991.

“Since he was a little boy, Saryanto had always wanted to be an Air Force member, following the footsteps of his brother,” another brother, Suroso, was quoted as saying by Sindo newspaper.

“He saw his brother wearing the uniform and he wanted to wear it too,” Suroso said.

The death of Saryanto, the youngest in the family, came just four months after another tragedy, the death of his father.

Three crashes involving the Indonesian military’s C-130 aircraft have killed more than 370 people since 1991.

Air Force chief of staff Air Marshal Agus Supriatna said an engine malfunction was likely the cause for Tuesday’s crash.

“After take-off the aircraft experienced trouble because the climb rate remained low,” Agus told Kompas TV.

“This was likely caused by a malfunction in one of the engines,” he said.

The aircraft banked to the right and hit an antenna tower, he said.

“This could mean that there was a malfunction with the right engine.”

The Air Force said 122 people, mostly military personnel and their families, were on the plane when it crashed.

It was not clear how many people were killed on the ground. The spokeswoman at Medan’s Adam Malik hospital said 142 bodies were brought in from the crash site.

Armed forces spokesman Fuad Basya said earlier that eight people were known to have died on the ground.

Police said only 56 victims had been identified.

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