Helicopter crash survivor held up by water hyacinth in Lake Toba

A man was found alive two days after a helicopter crashed into Lake Toby in North Sumatra, held up by a dense mat of water hyacinth, a search official said Tuesday.

The survivor was found after he waved at a search team on Tuesday, said Heronimus Guru, operational director at the National Search and Rescue Agency.

“He said he jumped out of the helicopter and landed on water hyacinth, which kept him buoyed,” Heronimus said, adding that he was not wearing a life jacket.

Four other people aboard the helicopter were still missing.

Another rescue official navy Captain Sigit Darsono said the man fell unconscious after he was rescued.

Earlier rescuers found a seat believed to be from the missing helicopter.

The helicopter, owned by the charter company Penerbangan Angkasa Semesta, disappeared on Sunday, the latest of a series of air accidents in Indonesia in recent months.

It was on a 45-minute trip to the Kuala Namu international airport in Medan city.

All the people on board were employees of the charter company.

Toba is a 100-kilometre-long lake in the caldera of a supervolcano.

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