Jakarta mall janitor returns bag of cash

A Jakarta mall janitor who returned a bag containing 100 million rupiah (7,555 dollars) in cash left behind by a visitor has declined a promotion offered as a reward for his honesty.

Mulyadi, 32, was cleaning the toilet at Kota Kasablanka mall when he found the bag late last month, Detikcom news portal reported.

He immediately handed the bag to the mall’s customer service department, which contacted the forgetful owner, the report said.

“He is an exemplary and diligent employee,” his manager Dian Fadillah was quoted as saying. “He was promoted to be a supervisor but he refused.”

Mulyadi said he was “not ready” for the supervisory role.

“For me, the most important thing is making an honest living,” he reportedly said.

One thought on “Jakarta mall janitor returns bag of cash”

  1. So rare is the man like him nowadays. What seemed to be the most surprising was his refusal for promotion to supervisor position. Isn’t it any employees’ dream for making larger income? I’ve no idea his motive behind such refusal. Anyway, it’s got to be admitted than was purely honest. I wish i could meet the man


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