Crowd set fire to man accused of stealing mosque amplifier

An angry crowd has set a man on fire after they accused him of stealing an audio amplifier from a mosque near the Indonesian capital, police said.

Locals chased the 30-year-old man on Tuesday night after he was seen emerging from a mosque in Bekasi with the amplifier, the head of the local police’s criminal investigations, Rizal Marito, said.

“The mosque’s caretaker shouted ‘Thief!’ and people chased him,” he said.

The man was caught about two kilometres from the mosque and beaten, with some in the crowd pouring petrol on him and setting him alight.

He died on the spot from injuries and severe burns.

Marito denied local media reports that the man was a technician who was taking out the amplifier for repair.

The victim’s family will not press charges, according to police.

Vigilante justice is common in Indonesia, where public distrust of the police and the justice system is high.

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