West Java broadcast watchdog restricts airplay of songs for sexually explicit lyrics, videos

A broadcasting watchdog in an Indonesian province has restricted radio and television airplay of 13 English-language hit songs because of their sexually-explicit content.

The Brodcasting Commission of West Java said the songs do not adhere to “norms of decency and morality” and can only be played from 10 pm (0300 GMT) to 3 am.

The directive was issued last week but made headlines in the local media on Tuesday.

“The lyrics and videos of those songs contain lewd and sexually suggestive words and images,” commission chairwoman Dedeh Fardiah said. 

The songs include hits such as Dusk Till Dawn by British singer Zayn Malik, Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars, and Overdose by Indonesian singer Agnez Mo and Chris Brown.   

The Indonesian parliament last week dropped a bill on music following protests from local musicians who said it could curtail their freedom of expression. 

One of the provisions of the bill states that musicians must not  encourage the public to make lewd content, commit blasphemy, bring negative foreign cultural influences. 

“Even without the music law there’s already a fascist regulation like this,” said Jerinx, drummer for Indonesian rock band Superman is Dead, referring to the song restrictions. 

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, but the government is largely secular. 

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