Frenchman arrested for allegedly molesting 305 minors

Police in the Indonesian capital said they had arrested a French national for allegedly molesting more than 300 minors. 

The 65-year-old man, identified as Francois Camille Abello, invited the children to a Jakarta hotel and paid them between 250,000 rupiah (17.30 dollars) and  1 million rupiah to have sex with him while being videotaped, Jakarta police chief Nana Sujana said. 

He physically abused the minors if they refused to have sex with him, Nana said, adding that many of them were street children who were lured with the promise of modelling work.

The suspect, who was arrested last month, could face the death sentence if found guilty of raping multiple minors under the country’s child protection law. 

“When investigators raided his hotel room, he was found half-naked with two children,” Nana said.  

Evidence found in his hotel room include a laptop containing videos of his sex acts with 305 minors, police said.

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