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Sukumaran can’t understand why he has to die tomorrow, brother says

Jakarta – Australian drug convict Myuran Sukumaran is “at peace” but maintains that his impending execution is “very wrong,” his brother said today.

“He can’t understand why he and the other eight people have to die tomorrow,” Chintu Sukumaran said on Metro TV.

“A lot of those people are good people, they are not bad people, they just  made mistakes,” Chintu said, quoting his brother. He said Myuran recognized he had “committed a very serious crime” and was remorseful.

Michael Chan, the brother of fellow Australian inmate Andrew Chan, said they talked about “the happy times together” during their last meeting on Monday.

Chan and Sukumaran are among nine drug convicts, all but one foreigners, who will be executed as early as midnight today.

“The executions will definitely be carried out this week,” Attorney General spokesman Tony Spontana said.

He said the exact date would not be announced to prevent the “chaos” that marred the first round of executions in January, when firing squads shot six drug inmates, including five foreigners, on the Nusakambangan penal island off the coast of Cilacap.

“At that time some journalists got caught infiltrating the location,” he said.

The nine inmates were notified of their impending executions on Saturday.

Photos of crosses inscribed with the names and dates of death of Christian inmates – including Sukumaran, Chan and Philippine woman Mary Jane Veloso – have been leaked to the media.

The date inscribed on the crosses was 29-4-2015.

Priest Matius Arif Mirjaja, who accompanied the families of the Australian convicts, criticized the release of the photos. “This is state terrorism against these people,” Matius was quoted as saying by inilah.com news website.

“They said the date of the executions has not been decided, but they have written the date of their death,” Matius said. “There’s no moral ground in this.”

The other inmates are four from Nigeria and each one from Brazil and Indonesia.


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Indonesian authorities hint execution of drug convicts imminent, summon embassies

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