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Pit bull kills 8-year-old girl in Indonesia

A pit bull killed an 8-year-old girl by biting her neck in Indonesia’s East Java province, local media reported Monday.  Continue reading “Pit bull kills 8-year-old girl in Indonesia”

Bali seeks to curb dog meat trade

Authorities on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali are seeking to curb the sale of dog meat, an official said on Friday, after an investigation by an Australian animal protection group revealed the cruel treatment of dogs at the hands of traders. Continue reading “Bali seeks to curb dog meat trade”

It’s a man-eat-dog world: Appetite for dog meat persists in Indonesia

In the dingy and steamy kitchen of a restaurant in Jakarta, chef Michael Kenzo slowly stirs a big pan of dark coloured meat mixed with chilli and spices, sweat streaming down his face. Continue reading “It’s a man-eat-dog world: Appetite for dog meat persists in Indonesia”